Facts and Figures

In 2020, we supported:

187 people to find accommodation

291 people to access advice and guidance related to homelessness

102 people with managing financial issues or debt

149 people to access training and/or qualifications

We know homelessness isn’t just a housing issue, and at Hope, we don’t treat it like one.

We don’t just help our homeless clients find a new home. We provide tailored support that aims to help clients tackle all the issues that are contributing to their homelessness situation. Our holistic approach gives our clients the best chance of moving on from homelessness- for good.

We remained open as a 24/7 service during the entire pandemic and every single lockdown.

During that time, we supported over 200 homeless people, delivered over 1800 support sessions and served over 1,110 meals.


Reported Improved Relationships


Reported Improved Mental Health


Reported Improved Physical Health


Reported Lower Rates of Reoffending


Reported Lower Rates of Drug/Alcohol Use

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