Hear From Our Clients

Here, you can read the stories of our clients- how they became homeless, and how Hope Community Services worked with them to get their lives back on track.

Tony was homeless and sleeping rough until he came to Hope House for support.
Diane fled from abuse and is now about to move on from hope into her own property.
When Susan was released from prison, She came to Hope for support in getting her life back.
Andy became homeless after a relationship breakdown.
After Adam left prison, he had nowhere to go and began rough sleeping.
Nechita was in danger of sleeping rough after being forced to flee his home.
Grace was just 20 years old and 20 weeks pregnant when she arrived at Hope House. 
After being subjected to violence, Margaret and Karl were forced to leave their home.
After hitting hard times, a perfect storm of events left John homeless with nowhere to go.
After being thrown out of his home aged just 17, Wayne turned to rough sleeping and sofa-surfing.
Kevin came to Hope when he lost his tenancy due to a relationship breakdown.
Keith Kato

Keith and Kato were hiding under a bridge in the cold before coming to Hope.