Kevin* came to Hope when he lost his tenancy due to a relationship breakdown. At risk of sleeping on the streets, he sought emergency help at Hope House. 

Kevin was a young man when he arrived at Hope, and would have been extremely vulnerable living on the streets. Support Workers made sure he had a safe space to stay and began taking steps with him to get his life back on track. They helped him move into one of Hope’s ‘move on’ flats, which are designed to be a stepping stone between homelessness and independent living. 

Now that Kevin had a home, he was keen to get back into work. He began to volunteer with Hope’s Furniture Project, to gain work experience for his CV. Hope’s team supported him with CV guidance, helped him understand the recruitment process and took him through mock interviews. He was eventually offered a paid role in a local food factory. He was ecstatic, and felt more confident and able to socialise with people on an equal basis, rather than feeling a burden and less of an individual.

Kevin was supported to move on with his life and regain his independence. 

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of clients.