Margaret and Karl's Story

Margaret and Karl* were a couple living in Teesside. After being threatened with violence and subjected to harassment, they were forced to leave their home. 

Now homeless, they moved to Worksop to live with Margaret’s sister. Unfortunately, her home was too small to house the three of them, and Karl decided to seek refuge at Hope House. Margaret, who has a learning disability and significant mobility issues, was hesitant to move but decided to follow Karl a few days later.  

Hope House was able to provide a safe space for both Margaret and Karl, which was a relief as they were allowed to stay together. Claire, one of Hope’s Crisis Support Team, began to work with them to identify more suitable and accessible local accommodation. Claire helped them work with the Council to secure a ground floor flat in North Nottinghamshire, which was suitable for Margaret’s mobility needs. 

Claire continued working with the couple, supporting Margaret to apply for Disability Living Allowance and helping them apply for work through the Job Centre. Karl and Margaret are now settled in their new home and much happier. 

*names have been changed to protect the identity of clients